Подготовка к ЦТ по всем предметам

How to find a spiritual Teacher at home or in an office

The Teacher is a key figure in many occult and religious concepts. People searching higher knowledge travel thousands of kilometers to find a Teacher.

The commonly shared opinion is that Teacher is a person, who is extremely wise, mastered and able (and willing) to transfer his knowledge and skills to his pupils and disciples.

There are many mind-breaking stories about famous Teacher of ancient times: Hodzha Nassredyn, Nan-In, Sitiro Kodzun and many others.

However, the idea that a Teacher is a person significantly limits the potential of human mind. This limiting belief may be compared to a virus that prevents to update our mental software. This commonly shared framework closes multiple every day possibilities for mind development and spiritual growth.

We suggest an expanded understanding of what a Teacher is.

A Teacher is any information that comes to a person. The stone on a road is a Teacher. The bitchy wife is a Teacher. The newborn is a Teacher, too.

The stone on a road teaches a man to be attentive.

The bitchy wife teaches a husband to be wise and calm. Hundreds of books on psychology and philosophy would never give that wisdom as can give a year of common life with a quarrelsome woman.

The newborn is a really a great Teacher. He starts to teach his parents before he is born. He teaches them what to do and what not to do, how to organize his life, how to get calm and many other things.

Business is a Teacher. Disease is a Teacher. Aquarium is a Teacher. Frost is a Teacher. Ice is a perfectly good Teacher for drivers! Hey, look, there are hundreds of Teachers around.

The interaction with novel information (a Teacher) always passes three stages.

The first stage is pain. The newly arrived information (a Teacher) always produces limitations at first. A new wife, a new child, a new job, a new shoe – they all inevitably bring limitations and discomfort to our life at early stages. The discomfort is necessary to attract the attention. When a man experiences discomfort his attention automatically tries to find out the reason. This gives the possibility to process and assimilate novel information. Pain is a mechanism helping to process the newcoming mental information.

When a man is stupid he turns angry with pain and limitations. He produces aware and unaware aggression against the its source. As a result, the interaction with new information becomes more and more limiting and painful. This stupid person stays at that painful stage forever. When you cannot open the door, it does not make sense to try to break it amain by an own head.

If a man is clever and wise, he moves to the second phase. The aim is to understand and assimilate the reason of pain. How can one do this? Instead of aggression, a man should produce an interest towards the source of pain. Instead of a wish to move process backwards and to get rid of a source of pain, clever man wants to assimilate new information and to find a harmonious model of interaction with it. This is the phase of assimilation. To successfully pass through this stage one needs to master two basic mental technologies – mental tranquility and “uvazhenie” (the approximate translation is “respectfulness”).

Since novel information is assimilated, the harmonious interaction with it is settled. The pain disappears, and novel information’s gives a man novel power and novel experience. It’s like to successfully install new software to the PC. Since it is installed it may be used for fun or to do some job. This is a stage of harmony.

This three-stage model of interaction with novel information is universal. It refers to literally any new information coming to a man.

This model is one of the basic principles of mental technologies which everybody should know.

This principle should be especially kept in mind by persons who are interested in so called spiritual development and spiritual growth. Spiritual development on its nature is a process of getting the conscious control over new informational flows. This control adds new spiritual capabilities and powers.

To get the control a person first must attract the flow (otherwise the interaction is not possible). And this will inevitably bring some pain and limitations at least at the first phase.

A man with no special knowledge of “ecology of mentality and language” cannot understand the reason of suddenly appeared limitations. With no knowledge about mental nature of a Man and the Universe he is not even able to understand what happens. Instead of spiritual growth he gets diseases, mental disorders and social limitations. This is a very common situation for person practicing spiritual growth methods. Please, learn more about mental security before starting any attempts in the field of spiritual development!

Look around: there are hundreds of Teacher around you. When you experience pain, diseases, limitations or irascibility – that means that right now you interact with a Teacher at stage one. Good news is that it’s a chance for you to acquire new possibilities and new powers, to get really novel experience. To do the next step all you need is to apply two basic mental technologies – mental tranquility and “uvazhenie” (respectfulness). We are going to write about these techniques soon.

Stay alive, respect your teachers and you will get a lot of fun in our wonderful world!

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