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“Wizards with shoulder loops” – the secret story of military unit 10003

The problem of super powers of human consciousness excited people for centuries.  From time to time official scientists made attempts to study this problem. However, there were projects which provided fascinating results in this field. In this article I want to review publications available in Russian about the military unit 10003 in the former USSR. Its officers were called “Wizards with shoulder loops”. I tried to find information about military unit 10003 in English and received no matches from Google. It looks like it is going to be the first publication in English.

Military unit 10003 was formed in December 1989. Two years before a group of paranormalists suggested the Ministry of Defense to use their possibilities. They stated that were able to identify the location of military objects (ships, airplanes etc.), to predict accidents, to cure heavily wounded soldiers etc. This idea was carefully analyzed and the header of the General Stuff general Michail Miseev suggested organizing a new department – military unit 10003. The initial stuff of military unit 10003 consisted of only 10 persons headed by Colonel Alexei Savin. These 10 were the most powerful paranormalists of the USSR and the most originally thinking military officers.

One of the main results of studies made in military unit 10003 was the method of eliciting extrasensory capabilities virtually in any person. Colonel Savin had demonstrated that virtually every person has potential extrasensory skills. He developed a special program allowing training qualified paranormalists. The program was later used in a number of military academies for a couple of years. The prepared specialists seemed to be too clever for military administration of those years.

Since 1995 specialists of military unit 10003 participated in the Chechen military campaign. Using mental technologies they detected the exact locations of minefields and tactical headquarters, predicted directions of attacks.

The effectiveness of “Wizards with shoulder loops” was so high that on the base of military unit 10003 there was organized a special administration at the General Stuff. Savin was awarded a rank of a general lieutenant. His colleagues were conferred military medals.

Since that time military unit 10003 became a center coordinating studies in the field of military utilization of extrasensory capabilities fulfilled in a number of research institutes.

Officers of military unit 10003 later worked in security service of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. One of them was General Boris Ratnikov.

In 2003 it was officially announced that military unit 10003 fulfilled all its tasks and was closed. In 2004 Alexei Savin retired. His closest colleague Sergei Vishnevskyi died from a mysterious and extremely rear disease.  This was the end of the story of military unit 10003.


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