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The current state and perspectives of mental technologies

During past decades we face an extensive development of the mental technologies. The attention of multiple investigators is mainly focused around the problem of mental control of informational streams basing on intellectual and forceful powers of human consciousness (NLP, hypnosis etc.). Another contemporary trend is the apparatus-mediated manipulation of mental streams (with the help of so called psyshotronic generators).

The common feature of these two methods is potentially hazardous effect on humans and entire environment.  There are numerous facts showing that uncontrolled and non-qualified usage of both mind-based and apparatus-based mental technologies is often followed by severe somatic and mental disorders, climatic, seismic and social cataclysms.

Almost all contemporary theories about mental processes are variations of several relatively aged religious or occult concepts. No revelations in this sphere have been made during past decades except that made by the author.

There is serious danger which comes from thousands of books and web publications, which contain instructions on mental technologies. According to our calculations, since 1990 over 400 million of paper books on this topic were published in Russian language! That means that ordinary family in Russia has from 3 to 6 books on mental technologies on a bookshelf. And people study these books and practice the described methods on their family, neighbors, colleagues etc.

The essential fraction of mental technologies described in modern literature teaches how to limit somebody’s life (to control the behavior, to elicit emotions or feelings, to change ideas and beliefs, to force necessary decisions). And this works! But nobody thinks about consequences that are usually not immediate but more or less remote. Interestingly, author of such books use not to mention about hazardous trails of non-qualified mental technologies usage.

However, reading of modern books with instructions on mental technologies is even more dangerous! Firstly, it arises in readers (and users) mind the idea of personal super-power and all-permissiveness. Secondly, it stimulates the in-depth interest to the topic and the reader may get into one of the mental trap. The principles and mechanisms of mental trap have been studied and described by the author of this article.


The current state of knowledge in the field of mental technologies may be characterized as extremely dangerous. From one hand there are multiple mental technologies available to masses. From the other hand there is no solid scientific background of their safe usage. Despite multiple occult and religious practices there is no consistent comprehensive modern theory of mental processes. In the era of Hadron Collider we still don’t have a concept that would provide a cogent answer for basic questions of human life.

Who am I?

Why do I live?

What can I do to make life better?

We can characterize contemporary concepts about mentality with an aphorism: “It is extremely difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially when you a sure that there is no cat in the room”. One of the modern concepts that pretends to provide a comprehensive understanding of the whole spectrum of mental events is the “Ecology of mentality and linguistics”

Valentin Laman


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