The Рrayer towards Personal Go

Молитва к Го

Go, spadi*, grant me to face gently and with serenity everything forthcoming this day and the following days.

Go, spadi, grant me to entrust myself to Your holy will.

Go, spadi, teach me and support me through any moment of this day and of the following days.


Go, spadi, grant me to understand your will for me and my relatives

Go, spadi, help me to accept any events of this day and the following days with serenity and with confidence that everything goes according to Your will.

Go, spadi, guide my thoughts and feeling in all my deeds and speeches. In any curcumstancies of any day and night support me and guide my memory and knowledge to the confidence that everything is sent by You.

Go, spadi, teach me to deal with all my relatives wisely and keeping aback from confusion and sorrow.

Go, spadi, grant me strenght to endure hardships of forthcoming days.

Go, spadi, grant me the strenght, knowledge and skills to overcome my diseases and illnesses and to be healthy.

Go, spadi, guide my will, teach me to pray and to respect everybody inly.


* «Go, spadi» is an ancient slavic linguistic token that cannot be directly translated into English. The sense of this phrase is explained in the course of personal training.

Based on the prayer of the optina elders (the author is unknown).
Edited by Valentin Laman (Minsk, January 2000)
Translated into English by Dmitry Sandakov (Minsk, March 2011)

Русскозычная версия