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A novel philosophical framework for understanding a Man, the God and the Universe

From century to century people of different cultures were puzzled with two basic questions:

  • What is the nature of the World?
  • What is the role of a Man in the Universe?

Thousands of scientist, philosophers and occultists attempted to find explicit answers. Bit by bit they formed known contemporary concepts, religions and paradigms: materialism, dualism, Marxism, creationism, existentialism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. Studying these concepts we rarely think that these famous theories were once originated in the mind of an Author. And were latter modified and developed by his followers.

Engineers use to joke that the attitude to any original idea passes through three consecutive stages. The first is “This cannot be because this CANNOT BE”. The second stage is “There’s something in it…” and the last one is “So and in no other way!”

In my life I was lucky to oversee the inception and step-by-step development of a novel comprehensive philosophical system which, I am sure, is going to be the most groundbreaking event in contemporary science. I mean “The Ecology of Mentality and Language” (ECOLMIL) originated by Valentin Laman.

The ECOLMIL emerged from longstanding studies of mental phenomena started by Valentin Laman, the former USSR secret service officer, in 1980th. Nowadays the ECOLMIL theory and philosophy had already passed the stage “This cannot be”, but had not yet reached the “So and in no other way!” phase. Today ECOLMIL has thousands of followers in Russia and in Belarus; there are over 10 educational programs on ECOLMIL.

The all-in-one concept of ECOLMIL has never been published yet. Web publications are only in Russian language and are more advertising and PR than scientific reports.

I have close relations with the author of ECOLMIL for over 10 years and now I try to give a sketch description of ECOLMIL basics. This is going to be the first publication about ECOLMIL in English.

The human nature

Despite what we see on TV, the most important questions of human life are not “How to earn money?” or “What to eat?”, but:

  • Who am I?
  • What for do I live?
  • What will I experience after my death?

Unfortunately, no one of existing scientific or religious and concepts is able to suggest consistent non-contradictory answers. The lack of answers gives rise to deeply masked feelings of embarrassment and fatuity of life. When we do not know answers for these basic inquires, we cannot build a reliable system of values. And rational decision making becomes impossible.

These existential problems of human life are ignored by contemporary science, which is too buzzy with big-boys-toys like The Large Hadron Collider or Human Genome Project. Contemporary religions still suggest na?ve bitty thousand-years-old concepts like “1000 houri in paradise” or “Garden of Yahweh” that may not be considered seriously.

ECOLMIL suggests a novel comprehensive concept of human nature and of the interrelation between a Man and the Universe. ECOLMIL considers a Man as an integrated strand of the Universe and analyses their interaction in the terms of information exchange and mental information streams.

Christianity considers a Man as a Servus Dei, anticipating the Last Judgment. ECOLMIL considers a Man to be creative power, participating in the complex multilevel process of mental control of the Universe.

Christianity believes cataclysms and catastrophes to be the God’s punishment for accumulated human sins. ECOLMIL suggests that cataclysms and catastrophes are a predictable and analyzable result of interfering operating mental informational streams.

Basing on original model of human nature (described in terms of multilevel mental exchange and interfering resonating informational streams) ECOLMIL provides a consistent framework for understanding a broad range of human life phenomena: intellect, language, diseases, aging, mind power, paranormal capabilities etc.

According to ECOLMIL a Man has a mental informational nature. The main constituent of a complex human system is the Consciousness, but not the body. A Man is a thinking intelligent mental creature, but not a “bipedal creature without plumage”. Any Man is able to control on a mental basis a broad range of events in the Universe (including personal life events).

Mental control complies specific law, that can be (and should be) investigated. The main instrument allowing human Consciousness to control information streams of the Universe is the language. ECOLMIL discovered a fascinating fact that natural languages contain multiple bugs, that do not disturb the communicative function but badly interfere with the controlling function of the language. This is one of the reasons why human capabilities of mental control are usually limited. ECOLMIL was the first science to describe the novel function of a language – a mental control of natural information streams.

A Man and the God

Almost all religious doctrines segregate a Man and the God. A Man is on the Earth, the God is in the Heavens. A Man is feeble, stupid and sinful; the God is powerful, wise and perfect. ECOLMIL states that a Man and a God compose integrated system, united by multiple channels allowing informational exchange.

In Christianity a Man prays to God from time to time. In ECOLMIL a Man consistently on a 24h a day basis exchanges information with God structures.

A God is controlling power but not a perspective. The idea of evolution of a Man into a God has never been discussed in Christianity. The perspective of a Man is either Hell or Paradise. In both places too clever and too spiritually advanced persons are not welcome.

After the death

For a materialist death is the end of everything. For Christian death is a citation for God’s Judge, and finally everlasting punishment or everlasting beatification.

In terms of ECOLMIL death is a process of Consciousness transition from one range of information and energies to another. Death is not the end and not the opposition of life. It is one of non-ending life phases. Death is an important mechanism supporting stability, variability and perfection of life.

Mental nature of human diseases

One of the most valuable things in our life is the health. The health allows us to enjoy our job, money, property, to realize our dreams and ideas. Unfortunately, there is also a phenomenon of disease, which sooner or later comes to every man on the Earth. And this does not depend on how clever the man is, how high is his social status or how big the bank account is. Diseases violate plans, produce the feeling of helplessness and turn a man into a burden for relatives.

ECOLMIL suggests an original model of diseases origin and mechanisms. In terms of ECOLMIL a disease is a normal temporary state, which inevitably comes to every person. The disease is caused by abnormal interference of newly connected information stream. Active people often meet and attract novel information streams, and have more chances to become ill. The newly connected mental information stream does not necessarily make a man ill. The disease occurs only in the case a man is not able to properly process the connected stream. The resonating information interferes with normal human mental structure causing strains of normal physiological processes.

Do you already see the conclusion? Here it is: the cause of disease cannot be influenced by chemical substances. Drugs are not able to fix the source of disease, which has a mental (not chemical!) nature. What pharmacological substances can do is to fight pain and to temporarily support abnormal function.

ECOLMIL developed a range of mental methods, which allow any trained person to harmonize his informational exchange using his own mental capabilities.  This eliminates the mental origin of the disease and a man becomes healthy. Acquiring ECOLMIL knowledge and methods, a person understands the informational nature of disease, and gets free from a fear of disease!

* * *

I could continue writing about ECOLMIL. I wish to share with you elegant mental models of aging, hypnosis, love, sexuality, forgiveness and prayer suggested by ECOLMIL. But this would turn a brief article into a comprehensive book. Stay with us, and we’ll continue to discover the mental reality of our wonderful World.

Dmitry Sandakov

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